Killer Corned Beef Kit ™

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Product Overview

The BEST organic corned beef brine, seasoning & cure that money can buy!  

This pre-blended kit uses only organic herbs, organic whole spices, raw organic cane sugar

and organic unrefined sea salts to create the most incredible 'Do It Yourself' home crafted corned beef...(or pastrami if you have a smoker)!

Each kit will make up to 10 lbs. of corned beef (or pastrami). 

(Don't forget, it's the ONLY ORGANIC corned beef kit available...ANYWHERE!!)

Please allow 10 days for corned to cure!

(Nitrite cure will not complete in less than 10 days and your corned beef will look grey!)

Prague Powder #1 has been blended in with the other salts & sugars to provide a premium cured corned beef/ pastrami flavor and texture.  

Total Prague Powder #1 quantity meets FDA maxiumum nitrite limitations (not more than 200 ppm).