Himalayan Saltware™

Himalayan Saltware™

Salting your food is no big deal, but fooding your salt?  These premium Himalayan salt blocks have been featured three times on Iron Chef America and once on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives.  In addition, Saltware cooking and serving blocks have been selected as the "slab of choice" by a list of top notch restaurants and executive chefs across the country. 

We decided to bring the love to you and let you enjoy the unique experience for yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen (indoors or out).  Each of our cooking and serving slabs is hand selected to be the very best quality available so that you can be certain of literally hundreds of uses. 

You can select from our offering of Saltware below to find a size that will best suit your cooking and serving needs.  Whether grilling, searing, sauteeing, baking, serving sashimi, ice cream, sorbet or even heated to provide a twist on that chocolate fondue pot, we are sure you'll find at least one piece of Saltware that's just right for you!

Check out our "Food Your Salt" page for a few visual ideas to get the juices flowing!

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