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Welcome to our online web store.  Please feel free to browse each of the categories on the left.  

Two things that make us unique:

 1.  All of our salts, peppers and sugars (except Black Truffle salt) can be purchased by the ounce.

 We don't force you to purchase multiple ounces of any of these items simply because that's the type of package we chose to use. 

 2.  We also offer eco-friendly packaging options.

 Examples are pictured throughout the site.   You choose what's best for you!


Go lb. salt in Arizona is bringing premium sea salts to the Phoenix area and beyond. Rather than looking for mass market contracts, we want to bring our premium products directly to you and your table.  Because our focus is on the product, not the packaging, we use simple, unbleached brown paper bag packaging. These bags are FDA approved food safe, compostable, recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally responsible.

Our offering has expanded to include not only Natural & Organic sea salts and Smoked sea salts, but we now also have Himalayan Aromatic sea salts, Himalayan Salt, premium imported peppercorns & pepper berries along with our new line of certified organic flavored cane sugars, organic drink rimmers, herb & spice blends, and other fun and unique food products!

The former owner's Aaron and Liz made regular TV appearances, provided some youtube videos and were at Gilbert farmer's market for 9 years. You may recognize some of the pictures below.

Thank you for checking out the site and we hope you find many things that peak your interest! Please feel free to email any questions.