Happy Hour

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When you don't know what you want, sometimes the happy hour specials are just what the doctor ordered.  

Happy hour will never be the same once you've tried these rim·licks ™!


Bloody Mary

Not just for breakfast anymore, this rimmer is layered with flavor that makes it as useful on burgers as it is on the rim of your glass!

Spiced Cider

Ginger, Orange, and Vanilla with hints of clove and a few other delicious flavors we'll let you figure out for yourself.  Mull yourself a nice cider and spike it with your favorite bourbon or rum!

Bacon Chocolate Bliss

Bacon and Chocolate were meant to go together!  If they weren't somebody needs to kindly explain why not!  In the mean time, get your hands on this incredible blend and use it on your next vodka martini or put it on popcorn.  It's good for lots of other things too...try it on A SPOON!!!  

(This blend is available on our martini rim·licks ™ page.) 

Wicked Hot Chocolate 

Chocolate-y goodness with a hint of chile spice!  What's it good on besides hot chocolate?  The flavor profile is mole' so we recommend grilled chicken or pork...or shots of chilled Vanilla Stoli!

No other "happy hour" rim·licks ™ are currently available!  Check back often, we are blending them as fast as we can!