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Choose from four of the most incredible margarita rimmers you have ever let cross your tongue.  (Tasting notes shown below)

With these sophisticated drink enhancers, we once again prove that "happiness IS just a lick away"!

(rim·licks ™ come in a 2 oz. package.  These boldly flavorful rimmers don't require the heavy coating on the rim you've become accustomed to!)


Regular Rita

Just like a cheap happy hour margarita...sweet, salty and limey.  Don't stop with margarita's, use it to rim a pilsner or pint glass for your next ice cold beer.

Raspberry Rita

This is not your typical fru-fru drink rimmer!  Luciously fruity raspberry...with a twist.  Do you think of raspberry as having a savory note?  You will after enjoying this incredible rim-lick!

Santa Fe Rita

Imagine our regular margarita on the adventurous path!  Sweet, salty, sour & spicy.  This one hits all the taste buds and opens the palette.  This one will go great on Chelada's as well.  Rim a shot of Anejo or a Reposado and enjoy the subtle sweet and floral notes from the Blue Agave that are normally hidden beneath the strong oak cask notes imbued by the aging process.  This rimmer is so good, you might even find yourself using it the next time you grill chicken!