Smoked Fleur de Sel Sea Salt

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The caviar of sea salts, this rare treat is one to be shared with all your friends!

Fleur de Sel is a very limited quantity harvest sea salt.  As the base salt, small quantities of this ultra-premium salt (Fleur de Sel) is then cold smoked over aged french chardonnay barrels. 

As one might expect, the flavor profile is complex.  It starts out with an oak-y smokiness, moves savory and finally finishes with a light caramel sweetness that takes 20 to 30 seconds to fully develop on the palatte.

Enjoy this as a finishing salt on anything caramelized from fruits to onions to candies and caramel sauces.  Great on roasted veggies, light and white fish, salads and vanilla ice cream with fresh peaches. 

Why should the french have all the fun?