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Choose from a variety of combinations as we select four of our certified organic flavored cane sugars.  We send that combination of sugars in quantities of two (2) ounces each for a total of eight (8) ounces (that's one half pound) of organic flavored cane sugar goodness. 

We present them in our temporary salt cellars and our beautiful slide top wooden hand crafted box making a truly unique gift.

What's in each box:

Fruits Only - Blueberry, Raspberry, Lime, Green Chile

Fruits & Veggie - Blueberry, Raspberry, Sweet Onion, Green Chile

Tongue Tingler - Lime, Sweet Onion, Green Chile, Habanero

Chocolate Lover - Blueberry, Raspberry, Green Chile, Habanero

Signature sugar-licious - Raspberry, Lime, Sweet Onion, Green Chile

Fruit flavored sugars (chemical flavorings and all) are not entirely unheard of.  So if providing certified organic flavored cane sugars won't be impressive enough, our Sweet Onion, Green Chile and Habanero are sure to turn heads!  If you like spicy, the green chile is mildly spicy, the habanero a bit more so.  The heat goes away fairly quickly with either one.

Our handcrafted boxes are built as part of a social project and a portion of the proceeds goes to support that project and provide jobs for the disabled.  As with all of our offerings, the entire collection of packaging is earth friendly as well as biodegradable and compostible (if you cant find other uses for them once the salt is gone)!