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One ounce each of four of our premium peppers or choose our Rainbow blend as one of your options.  This gift pack is all about choosing which peppers you like the most. 

Our peppercorns are packed in our temporary salt cellars which are FDA approved cardboard tubes with lids.  We call them temporary because they make great temporary storage containers as well, until you decide which salts you like the most and "graduate" to something more permanent like our bamboo salt cellars.  Provide those temporary salt cellars in our beautiful hand crafted box and you have a truly unique gift box.

Our handcrafted boxes are built as part of a social project and a portion of the proceeds goes to support that project and provide jobs for the disabled.  As with all of our offerings, the entire collection of packaging is earth friendly as well as biodegradable and compostible (if you cant find other uses for them once the salt is gone)!